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  My credit card has already been charged, but I have not received a download link for my order.

There are two reasons why you have not received the link to download in 4 hours after ordering:

1. Your spam filter declines our messages. Please use the mailbox without any anti-spam system, or try to find our message in the 'spam' folder. Please drop us a message and the problem will be solved soon.

2. You have entered wrong e-mail address (mistyped etc). Please inform us about the correct e-mail box in this case.

  I've sent you an email but got no response yet.

Probably, the email provider you are using rejects our replies. Please try to use another mailbox.

  If I try to use the plugin, I get a dialog from Photoshop reading:
"could not complete the command because of a disk error."

Probably, some important system files are missing on your computer.

Please install Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x64):

  I am getting this message from Photoshop:

"One or more plug-ins are currently not available on your system. For details see help > system info"


Please select "Don't show again" box, then click "OK"

  Have you any plans to release Redfield Plug-ins for Mac OS?

Sorry, we regret that we do not have any plans to port our plug-ins to the Mac OS.

  List of email providers who reject incoming messages for no reason: